The Work of Vine Deloria, Jr.

American Philosophical Association Newsletter on American Indian Philosophy (Fall issue 2006: the life, work, and legacy of Vine Deloria)

“Western civilization, unfortunately, does not link knowledge and morality but rather, it connects knowledge and power and makes them equivalent.”
— Vine Deloria, Jr.

Political theorist, philosopher, legal scholar, activist, prolific writer – Vine Deloria transcended academic categories and fundamentally shaped our understandings of Native American life and thought. The Fall issue of the APA Newsletter on American Indian Philosophy will be devoted to pieces about Deloria’s work. Submissions might include:

* scholarly articles about Deloria’s theoretical work

* examinations of Deloria’s contributions to the advancement of Native life and thought

* personal reflections on the importance of Deloria to indigenous academics and Native theories

Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2006.

Please send submissions to both AIP editors:
Lorraine Mayer MayerL@BrandonU.CA
270 18th Street, 200 Clark Hall, Brandon Manitoba R7A 6A9 Canada
Katy Gray Brown
2700 16th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA

Electronic submissions are preferred. Submission guidelines can be found

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