Philosophy of Peace Series Update by William Gay

Gay, Willilam, “Philosophy of Peace: Report from the Editor of the Special Series in VIBS (Value Inquiry Book Series) published by Rodopi,” Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace Vol. 26 (Spring-Summer 2006)

Books under Contract:

Justice and Justification: The Relation between Justice and Peace, eds. Andrew Kelley and Deborah Peterson (presently being formatted under VIBS guidelines, but behind schedule)

Parceling the Globe: Philosophical Explorations in Globalization, Global Behavior, and Peace, eds. Danielle Poe and Eddy Souffrant (editors aim to send copy to me for review by Summer 2006; ahead of schedule)

Philosophical Perspectives on the ‘War on Terrorism.’ eds. Gail Presbey and Wendy Hamblet (editors aim to submit copy to me for review by Summer 2006; on schedule)

Problems for Democracy, eds. John H. Kultgen, Jr. and Mary Lenzi (manuscript has been completed; sample pages in pdf format were reviewed and approved by Rodopi Editor with only minor changes being required; once these changes are made and page numbers are added to the index, the camera-ready manuscript will be sent to Rodopi, probably by April, to put in their production line)

Savage Constructions: A Theory of Rebounding Violence in Indigenous Communities, Wendy Hamblet (monograph that is behind schedule)

Spiritual and Political Dimensions of Nonviolence and Peace, eds. David Boersema and Katy Gray Brown (editors aim to send copy to me for review in Spring 2006; on schedule)

Next Book Expected to Go Under Contract:

Rob Gildert and Dennis Rothermel are collecting manuscripts from our meeting California State University, Chico for an expected volume on Remembrance and Reconciliation (a contract may be issued as early as Summer 2006)

Professor William C. Gay was recipient of the 2005 Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

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