Series Editor: Kenneth H. Klein

Issues in War and Peace (1989)
Editors: Joseph C. Kunkel & Kenneth H. Klein

In the Interest of Peace (1990)
Editors: Kenneth H. Klein & Joseph C. Kunkel

Just War, Nonviolence, and Nuclear Deterrence (1991)
Editors: Duane Cady & Richard Werner

Longwood Academic
Hollowbrook Publishing
Wakefield, New Hampshire

Details on the Most Recent Volume

Philosophers on War and Peace

Duane Cady and Richard Werner (eds.)

In this new anthology, contemporary philosophers turn their attention to the issues of war and peace. Using their skills in political and social philosophy, ethical theory, and critical analysis, they debate the morality and logic of nuclear deterrence, the applicability and viability of just war theory, and the ethics and practicality of non-violence. Many perspectives and viewpoints are represented, including those of feminism, political realism, pacifism, and just war theory.

Several of the contributors are well-known for their previous books and articles on war and peace. The contributors include Sheldon Cohen, William Gay, Robert Holmes, Douglas Lackey, Steven Lee, Sara Ruddick, Ronald Santoni, and James Sterba. Most of the articles appear here in print for the first time.

Editor Duane Cady is chair of the philosophy department at Hamline University and is the author of the book From Warism to Pacifism. He presently serves as president of Concerned Philosophers for Peace. Co-editor Richard Werner is chair of the philosophy department at Hamilton College. He presently serves as eastern divisional representative for Concerned Philosophers for Peace.

ISBN: 0-89341-675-4 cloth $37.50 ISBN: 0-89341-676-2 paper $18.50 304 pages

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