GandhiSalt Website

Appeal circulated via email, Sunday, Aug. 7.

Dear Peacelovers,

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Dandi Salt March, we, the Friends of the Gandhi Museum Pune, are launching a website called SALT stands for Search for Alternative Lifestyles Together.

The website will be a network for all Gandhians and Gandhian work in Pune city and its hinterland. It will be a forum to express ideas, post invitations to programmes, and give information on
peace matters. We invite guest articles, news, views and comments related directly or indirectly to our theme.

Do keep visiting our site regularly and give us your valuable feed-back.

In Peace and friendship

Ms.Delia Maria Knaebel Ph.D.
Web Co-ordinator,
For Friends of the Gandhi Museum Pune

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