2006 Conference Website and Call for Papers


Here is a website for the upcoming CPP conference, Oct. 19-22 at SBU.


The site also has a link to the call for papers, which I am still in the process of editing. But I think it is more helpful to provide you with what information is now available. If you have suggestions for improving the call for papers, do let me know. Please construe the conference theme broadly.

At the present time, in addition to the keynote speaker, Arun Gandhi, we are planning a Gulu walk of one hour or so to raise money for children in Uganda who are forced nightly to flee their villages and sleep in nearby cities to avoid abduction.

We are also planning to devote some conference time to former SBU graduates who have involved themselves in various ways with peacework–or failed to do so despite the best of intentions.

At any rate, comments–critical or otherwise–are invited. Since our last conference at SBU, five years ago, two new motels have been built within walking distance of the University and the old motel at which some of you stayed, The Castle, has been demolished. Information is available on the website.


Barry Gan

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