CPP Conference 2008 (SUNY Cortland)

Call For Papers
DEADLINE September 1, 2008
Concerned Philosophers For Peace
Twenty-First Annual Conference

Suny Cortland, Cortland NY
October 30-31, November 1-2, 2008

“Resisting War, Educating For Peace”

Since its inception in 1981, Concerned Philosophers for Peace [CPP] has become the largest, most active organization of professional philosophers in North America involved in the analysis of the causes of war and prospects for peace. The organization holds an annual conference as well as programs at each divisional meeting of the American Philosophical Association. The forthcoming Cortland conference invites papers in any area of war resistance and peace education. Submissions are also invited addressing other topics related to the causes of war and the prospects for peace.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Center for Ethics Peace and Social Justice, SUNY Cortland; the M.K. Gandhi Institute, Rochester University; and the Central New York Peace Studies Consortium. Saturday of the conference incorporates the CNY Peace Studies Consortium’s annual peace conference.

Please send an abstract of your proposal by September 1, 2008 [not more than 300 words] to: Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Director, Center for Ethics Peace and Social Justice, Philosophy Department, SUNY Cortland. fitzgibbon-at-cortland.edu

CPP publishes a newsletter, and many of the conference papers have been published in various anthologies. Presenters will be invited to submit papers for peer-reviewed inclusion in a volume to be published in the Rodopi VIBS, Philosophy of Peace series.

Further information is available via the CPP list server, which can be accessed by contacting Barry Gan at bgan-at-sbu.edu; and membership information is available from David Boersma at boersema-at-pacificu.edu.

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