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A Future Without Borders / Un avenir sans frontières:
Essays in Cosmopolitan Peacebuilding

Tracey Nicholls (Lewis University) and Eddy Souffrant (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) invite contributions on the topic of cosmopolitanism and peace for a forthcoming volume they are co-editing, A Future Without Borders / Un avenir sans frontières.

We envision this volume as a venue for publication of some of the papers presented at the 2010 Concerned Philosophers for Peace conference (“The Obama Years: War, Peace, and Environmental Sustainability” / « Les années Obama : Guerre, Paix et Développement environnemental ») but we invite contributions from other scholars whose works investigate cosmopolitan possibilities for peace.

This collection of essays will be submitted to Rodopi’s Philosophy of Peace series, which has historically published proceedings of Concerned Philosophers for Peace conferences. However, in recognition of the bilingual nature of the 2010 meeting in Montreal, we plan to publish a bilingual collection grouped thematically and published in either English or French, according to the preference of the contributing author. Regardless of the choice of language, all submissions should address questions of war, peace, and environmentalism in a cosmopolitan or multinational context.

Possible paper topics include:
* the role of environmental problems in causes of war
* connections between environmental sustainability and peace-making (or peacebuilding)
* human rights and environmental catastrophes
* collective action for environmental sustainability in an international context
* the ethical challenges of humanitarianism in conflict zones
* whether, and to what extent, nationalism is a root cause of either war or environmental degradation
* whether, and to what extent, cosmopolitanism is a necessary element of peacebuilding and/or climate change accords

Anyone interested in contributing a chapter should submit a paper, suitably prepared for blind review, to both and no later than 31 March 2011. Papers should be roughly 6000 words, including notes and bibliography, and should use the author-date system of referencing.

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