CPP @ APA Eastern Atlanta 2012

GIX Р1.  Concerned Philosophers for Peace

1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Topic: Assessing the Philosopher King: Reflections on themes from the

book The Liberatory Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chair: Gail Presbey (University of Detroit – Mercy)

Speakers: Robert E. Birt (Bowie State University)

“The Liberatory Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Editing the Critical Essays”

Kathryn Gines (Pennsylvania State University)

“Challenges to the Relevance of King’s Philosophy”

Greg Moses (Austin Community College)

“Approaching King through the Value Theory of Alain Locke'”


CPP @ APA Central New Orleans 2013

Group session 27
Sponsored by Concerned Philosophers for Peace
tentative time  Saturday, February 23, 12:15 PM- 2:15 PM

Topic: Love, Justice for Nonhumans, and Risking Oneself
Greg Moses (Independent Scholar), chair, “”
Predrag Cicovacki (College of the Holy Cross), speaker, “Strength to Love and be Nonviolent: Analyzing King’s Sermons”
Carlo Filice (State University of New York-Geneseo), speaker, “Some Institutional Conditions for a Just Society with Nonhumans: The Mixed System and Democracy”
Danielle Poe (University of Dayton), speaker, “Responding to Need: Martin Luther King Jr. and Leymah Gbowee”