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CPP PoP: Problems for Democracy

Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace, Vol. 26.2 (Fall 2006)

KULTGEN, John and Mary LENZI, Eds. Value Inquiry Book Series 181: Philosophy of Peace (Amsterdam, New York: 2006) XXIII, 278 pp. Pb: 978-90-420-2060-3 ; 90-420-2060-1. € 60 / US$ 75.

This book, based on the premise that democracy promotes peace and justice, explores theoretical and practical problems that can arise or that have arisen in democratic polities. Contributors address, with clarifying analyses, such theoretical issues as the relationship between recursivist metaphysics and democracy, the relationship between the economic and political orders, and the nature of justice. Contributors offer, as well, enlightening resolutions of practical problems resulting from a history of social, political or economic injustice.


Judith PRESLER: Editorial Foreword

John KULTGEN: Preface

John KULTGEN and Mary LENZI: Acknowledgments

Donald A.WELLS, Ronald J. GLOSSOP, Beth J.SINGER, and Mary LENZI: Introduction: Is There a Connection between Democracy and Peace?

Part One: Divisions in Society and Obstacles to Democratic Discourse

Ron HIRSCHBEIN and Jason SUPPUS: Semiotics of Meaninglessness: Cornel West ’s Explication of Inner-City Nihilism

Howard HARRIOTT: Moral Pessimism and the Ideals of Democracy

Edward SANKOWSKI: South African Democracy, Multi-Culturalism, Rights, and Community

Gilburt GOFFSTEIN: Exploring Problems of Democracy with Perspectives of Jürgen Habermas and Zen Buddhism

Jerald RICHARDS: Hiroshima, Morality, and Democracy

Part Two: Public Participation in Political and Economic Processes

William C. GAY: Democracy in Market Economies

Thomas CHRISTIANO: Political Equality and the Independent Power of Private Property

Beth J. SINGER: Rights and Affirmative Action

Judith PRESLER: The Procedural Republic

Matthew SILLIMAN: Living Democracy Despite the Rule of Law: Civil Disobedience as Political Narrative

Part Three: Democracy and Routes to Peace

Donald A.WELLS: Unnecessary Suffering and Superfluous Injury

Brian LUKE: Exclusion of Soldiers from War-Making Decisions

Ali ERRISHI: Recursive Metaphysics Is Bad for Democracy

Andrew KELLEY: Toward a Reformulation of the Doctrine of Pacifism

Gregory P. FIELDS: Gandhi and Dewey: Education for Peace

Mary LENZI: Philosophers, Peace, and Problems for Democracy


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