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CPP PoP: Spiritual and Political Dimensions of Nonviolence and Peace

Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace, Vol. 26.2 (Fall 2006)

BOERSEMA, David and GRAY BROWN, Katy, Eds. Value Inquiry Book Series 182: Philosophy of Peace (Amsterdam, New York: 2006) VII, 266 pp. Pb: 978-90-420-2061-0; 90-420-2061-X; € 55 / US$ 69.
This book is a collection of philosophical papers that explores theoretical and practical aspects and implications of nonviolence as a means of establishing peace. The papers range from spiritual and political dimensions of nonviolence to issues of justice and values and proposals for action and change.


Katy GRAY BROWN: Introduction: Beyond Safe Ground

Part One: Spiritual Dimensions

Jerald RICHARDS: Spirituality, Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence

Joseph KUNKEL: The Spiritual Side of Peacemaking

William C. GAY: Apocalyptic Thinking versus Nonviolent Action

Part Two: Political Dimensions

Anas KARZAI, Marianne VARDALOS: Understanding “Operation Enduring Freedom ” through the Persistence of Sacrifice, Revenge, and the Gift of Cruel Economies

Gail PRESBEY: Strategic Nonviolence in Africa: Reasons for its Embrace and Later Abandonment by Nkrumah, Nyerere, and Kaunda

Charles Martin OVERBY: The Treasure of Japan ’s Article 9: The World ’s Foremost Law for Peace, Justice, and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

JOHN KULTGEN: “Faceless Coward ”: Bush’s Anti-Terrorism Rhetoric
Part Three: Justice and Values

Maria H. MORALES: No Justice, No Peace
Michael Patterson BROWN: Sharing a Sense of Justice: The Role of Conscience in Political Protest

David BOERSEMA: Taking Compromise Seriously

Andrew KELLEY: Kant on Freedom, Happiness, and Peace

Part Four: Action and Change

William C. GAY: A Normative Framework for Addressing Peace and Related Global Issues

Beth J.SINGER: On Language and Social Change

John KULTGEN: Making a Man of Her: Women in the Military

Ian M. HARRIS: Assumptions behind Different Types of Peace Education


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