Peace and Justice Studies Association 2006 Conference

“Who Speaks for the Common Good?” October 5-8, 2006, Manhattan College, New York City CALL FOR PROPOSALS Shortly after September 11th, peace groups throughout the US distributed world flags with a photo of the earth and a slogan, “We’re all in this together.” That sense of the common good – that we are all bound […]

New Computer Game: A Force More Powerful

Posted in Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace Vol. 26 (Spring – Summer 2006) Can a computer game teach how to fight real-world adversaries—dictators, military occupiers and corrupt rulers, using methods that have succeeded in actual conflicts—not with laser rays or AK47s, but with non-military strategies and nonviolent weapons? Such a game, “A Force […]

The Acorn: Journal of the Gandhi-King Society

Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace Vol. 26 (Spring – Summer 2006) The Acorn: Journal of the Gandhi-King Society, is a biannual publication devoted to the examination of the theory and practice of nonviolence, especially as it relates to the philosophies of Gandhi and King. The Acorn was founded by Ha Poong Kim. Currently […]

Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict (Wisconsin Institute)

Posted in the Newsletter of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace Vol. 26 (Spring – Summer 2006) The Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict, the journal of the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (ISSN 1095-1962) publishes a variety of scholarly articles, essays, and poetry on topics such as war, peace, global cooperation, […]

The Work of Vine Deloria, Jr.

American Philosophical Association Newsletter on American Indian Philosophy (Fall issue 2006: the life, work, and legacy of Vine Deloria) “Western civilization, unfortunately, does not link knowledge and morality but rather, it connects knowledge and power and makes them equivalent.” — Vine Deloria, Jr. Political theorist, philosopher, legal scholar, activist, prolific writer – Vine Deloria transcended […]

Urgent Appeal from Premier Peace Think Tank

In the decades since World War II, the United States has amassed the most sophisticated and expensive military in human history and employed its military, intelligence, diplomatic, and economic power to wage a costly arms race with the former Soviet Union, dominate the global arms trade, impose devastating sanctions and embargoes against regimes it despises, […]

Real Lesson Of Abu Ghraib by Laurie Calhoun

Posted at New Partisan on 07.23.2004 by Laurie Calhoun in International Affairs. Reprinted here by permission of author. The torture and humiliation inflicted by U.S. soldiers upon their Iraqi prisoners has been widely decried by the international community and the U.S. Administration alike. Although independent groups such as the Red Cross have reported that the […]